Online communications for law enforcement involves more than just social marketing – these sorts of messages need to be carefully crafted. We can help ensure that your critical updates, safety announcements and celebratory posts reach the right people at the right time in the right way.

Social media provides an opportunity for law enforcement agencies to put out information on critical incidents. By creating excellent communication tools, you will be able to create dynamic, reliable, up-to-the-minute social media channels where you can focus on the facts. When your community can count upon your channels to keep them in the loop, they will look to you for news – not third party reporting.

Almost 80% of time spent on social media platforms happens on mobile.*


  • Updates on emergency situations such as natural disasters
  • Breaking news about matters of public safety
  • News and stories about local heroes and other aspects of public interest
  • Warm wishes to community members on holidays including important traffic and safety reminders
  • BOLs, Amber alerts and other updates that can assist investigators in their cases

* All statistics courtesy of the Pew Research Center


The training Cole Pro Media provides has changed how we do business.  From learning about how to work with the mainstream media, to the best ways we can communicate with the public, Cole Pro Media provides a level of insight unmatched by any other media or social media company out there.  The company continues to open doors. When it comes to sharing our message, there are businesses and community members that we would not have been able to reach without their services.
Chief Guy Swanger, Concord Police Department