Cole Pro Media is a social media agency that works exclusively with law enforcement agencies & municipalities. We understand the nuance of online communication and the specificity that must be used when sharing timely, sensitive information.

Above all, we believe that the information our clients share needs to be transparent and community-focused.

75% of male internet users are on Facebook*
83% of female internet users are on Facebook*

The purpose of law enforcement and municipality social media platforms is to inform your community about what is happening in their neighborhoods. We help our clients do this in a way that is engaging, strategic, and when appropriate, fun!


* All statistics courtesy of the Pew Research Center


Cole Pro Media consultants can be trusted with the most confidential and sensitive information. They help law enforcement by acting as a sounding board for how information will be received and the right ways to inform the public. Who better to advise you on how to respond to and work with the mainstream media, than consultants who have all been reporters themselves. They can always anticipate the next question, effectively preparing you when it matters most.
Sheriff Devon Bell, Placer County Sheriff’s Office